Selected Projects


The proposed intervention, winner of an honourable mention in the international ideas competition for the urban restructuring of Yokohama's harbour, envisages the collocation of an “Anti-Historical Museum” within the area, together with a series of complementary amenities, with a view to emphasizing the historical importance of the zone by means of its re-utilization as a public space providing historical production. The site is charactized by the harbour's oldest wharf called the “Elephant's Trunk” due to its conformation.


The problem of linearity is expressed in this project as a symbolic elaboration of the public phenomenon. The consolidated linear qualities of time and history have been put up for debate by a dual programme of intervention: on the one hand, a symbolic restitution of the contrast between a hypothetical “historical container”, housing historical “facts” in linear temporal succession, and a selective historical production, represented respectively by the glass museum shell and by an interrupted trajectory constituting the interior circulation system; and on the other hand, a functional programme envisaging public access to terminals inside the museum connected to data banks containing Japan's entire historical culture in the form of texts, images and sounds, thereby facilitating the manipulation and subversion of institutionalized historical theories, effects that are subsequently broadcast natiowide by virtue of telecommunications apparatus at the museum's disposal.

Yokohama urban Design International Competition 

Yokohama, Japan, 1999

Winner: Honourable Mention 



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