Selected Projects


The Eboli Urban Center extends over a surface of 6 hectars, and it develops on the site of a former pasta manufacturing company. The site is located in a strategic position adjacent to the historic center to the north, and to a group of sports facilities to the south including the soccer field. The Center includes 25.000 sqm of mixed functions: retail areas, hotel, public offices, restaurants and food court, and a bus station.


A 300 m long elevated walkway connects the Center with the sports facilities, and thus with the city center, allowing for large flows of people to pass through the new spaces and use the services offered.


With its complex structural design, the elevated walkway is destined to become soon a familiar icon of the city of Eboli pointing at this new special place with a special visibility in the urban landscape.

Multi-functional urban complex and shopping mall 

Eboli, Salerno, Italy, 2007