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Interplan 2 Architects leaded JV was appointed by the Italian Ministry of Defence to prepare the Design Development Stage for NATO AGS Core Facilities Design Project at Sigonella Air Base, Lentini, Italy.  


The project includes airside and landside infrastructure supporting the program. Landside infrastructure includes a 4,000 sqm Operations Center and administrative space for 600 staff. The airside portion is comprised of four new aircraft hangars, incorporating a new 13,747 sqm aircraft apron and taxiway system expansion.

The hangars represent state of the art facilities for the maintenance, washing and recovery of aircrafts.


The Main Hangar is composed of a double aircraft hangar bay of 98.25 x 27.50 m, and a C shaped back-shop building. The bearing structure is a structural steel spatial roof supported by six reinforced concrete pillars, with a main beam span of 47.20 m and a cross beam span of 19.50 m. Hangars include a special aircraft stand cooling system, and a full aircraft washing facility.


NATO AGS Main Operating Base

Sigonella (SR), Italy, 2014-15)

Client: Italian Ministry of Defense (Design development stage)






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