• First Prize: Arch. Competition "Schools for the next millennium",  School complex in the city of Nuoro Sardinia (2018)

  • INARCH Campania Prize 2015 for new built work: NATO JFC HQ Naples (2016)

  • Green Coast Award: Pozzuoli Waterfront XXI project – Coast Expo 2013, Ferrara (2013)

  • First Prize: Grand Hotel Billia Architectural Design Competition, Saint Vincent, Aosta (2010)

  • First Prize: Modena Province Government Headquarters Architectural Design Competition, Modena, Italy (2010)

  • Second ranked project: International Invited Architectural Design Tender for the Final Design of the new Regione Lombardia Headquarters, Milan (2005).

  • Second Prize: International Invited Architectural Competition for the new NATO Central Headquarters, Brussels (2001).

  • Second Prize: Architectural Design Competition for the City Hall of Bari, Italy (1999).

  • Honour Mention: 3rd Yokohama Urban Design International Competition, Yokohama, Japan (1992).

  • INARCH Campania Prize 1990 for new built work: Picerno (PZ) School Complex (1990).

  • First Prize: National Architectural Competition for the Como City Library (1964).