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Air Traffic Control Tower and Firefighters' Station

Galatina Airport, Lecce, Italy, 2023

​Client: Italian Air Force

Role:  Full design ​

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The new AT control tower and fire station complex at Galatina airport represents a significant innovation in the management system of the infrastructure. The main objective of the new tower is the creation of internal spaces capable of guaranteeing ergonomics and healthiness for the controller staff working in the TWR. Furthermore, the provision of technological aids and adequate connectivity with the new systems integrated into the tower such as the multifunction SITTI counter operating table, SAIP, ATIS, and radar repeater console. The new tower is spread over six levels above ground intended for offices, changing rooms, technical areas, control room and rest space for air control operators.


The new operational block of the Fire Station and the related urbanization works are located together with the tower in a central position of the airport, corresponding to the new service and emergency roads that will directly connect the station with the runway. The firefighting block is developed on a single level above ground with the exception of the Operations and Alarm Room, which has an observation room on a higher level, to allow operators to have excellent visibility towards the runway and other movement areas of aircrafts.

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