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Former Sofer Industrial Site redevelopment

Pozzuoli, Italy, 2014 - 2015

Client: Sabesa SpA 

Role:  Preliminary and Final Design

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Pozzuoli XXI is a green neighbourhood project based on the re-conversion of a brownfield into a residential park. With a gross floor space of over 140k sqm, the program includes residential, a hotel, a sailing club with marina, and a coastal green park. In collaboration with Eisenman Architects, Interplan developed the first phase of the final project for the redevelopment of the former Sofer abandoned industrial area in Pozzuoli. The project is based on the “General Masterplan for the Pozzuoli coast line” and the PUA approved in 2012, drawn up by the same group. The primary objective of the intervention is the return of the sea resource to the city, after more than a century of foreclosure due to the industrial use of the areas. For this purpose, a large public park is outlined along the coast for a strip of about 80 meters thick, beyond which residential, tourist-accommodation and commercial and sports structures arise. The entire settlement was designed to meet the requirements of the GBC Quartieri energy-environmental certification protocol.

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