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Pompei Santuario Railway Station

Pompei, Italy 2009

Client: Consorzio Ferroviario Vesuviano

Role:  Preliminary and Final Design

CAMERA 5.jpg

This project was part of a massive Campania (Italy) regional railway network improvement program, to include the burying of the Pompei-Torre Annunziata line. The new station was conceived as a large covered network of pedestrian links connecting the northern and southern areas of the city centre, previously separated by the railway barrier. It also introduced a new improved way of accessing the world renown archaeological site of Pompei, through a new public park designed over the buried railway line. Interplan teamed in JV with Eisenman Architects and Guido Zuliani for the design of the station, commissioned by Campania Regional Government. The station itself is conceived as a large covered open space providing access to the train platforms, but also to several, retail and restaurant areas. The station will provide new access to the world famous archaeological area of Pompei and is to become a new landmark for this important tourist destination.
Interplan developed for this project an innovative interior ceiling system made of specially made fire rated fiberglass panels. Final design was completed in 2009.

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aerial view 2-partial.jpg
CAMERA 5.jpg
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