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Telecom Italia Pomezia Headquarters

Rome, 2015

Client: Telecom Italia SpA 

Role:  Preliminary and Final Design

Fotomontaggio portale ingresso.jpg
Fotomontaggio Ingresso Edificio18.jpg

The evolution of Italy’s prime telecommunication company workplace strategy tends to escape traditional static and hierarchic space, deviating towards a dynamic configuration of the work space (Smart Working), capable of promoting unprecedented levels of flexibility and mobility for the employees. The project is concerned with the refurbishment of about 6,000 sqm, to include work areas, conference center, restoration and reception facilities.

pianta piano terra_18.jpg
Piani superiori_18x13.jpg
Progetto Pomezia - Piante e sezioni (15.12.15) ale2-Model.jpg
Telecom Roma Pomezia_18.jpg
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