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Green Living Project

Shanghai, PR China, 2015

Client: Shanghai Kingburg Decoration Engineering 

Role:  Preliminary Design

150504 Green Living Render 0.jpg
150504 Green Living Render 1_edited.jpg

The topic of environmental impoverishment associated to the extreme urbanization conditions characterizing contemporary China is the focus of this project prepared for a Shanghai based Start Up company. The design retrieves some of the contents of European avant-garde of the Seventies, such as the concept of Residential Agriculture, combined with state-of-the-art energy and environmental sustainability technology.  Interplan delivered the preliminary design of the first module of the Green Living program, a sustainable and self-sufficient settlement in the locality of Qingpu, in the rural southwestern suburb of Shanghai. The settlement, which will be centered around a 50,000 m2 modular photovoltaic greenhouse, will host 1000 inhabitants, a university research center, an edutainment center for 1000 visitors per day, and will not produce any harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The first module will host approximately 500 people, including 250 residents and 250 temporary guests (multi-building hotel). The project tends to free the management of agricultural production as much as possible from the environmental quality of the air, water and surrounding land, with the use of closed greenhouses and soilless cultivation, in an environment also characterized by strong atmospheric pollution and the relative reduction of productivity of agricultural soils.

150504 Green Living Render 2.jpg
Impaginazione Interplan A3 copia_edited.jpg
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