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Monte Gurtei School Complex

Nuoro, Sardinia, 2017

Client: Comune di Nuoro 

Role:  First Prize winning competition proposal

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Schermata 2019-04-17 alle 11.26.04.png

The proposed transformation of the school building can be described as the result of a prudent and discreet approach, but in the same sense capable of expressing a radical change in the way of conceiving the educational space for children. From the point of view of the impact on the surrounding urban fabric, and therefore in relation to the direct perceptive influence on the local community, the new school will emerge for the purity of the surface and tectonic treatment of the walls and roofs, and for the symbolic morphology of the new body. entrance, characterized by an archetypal sign. This is the profile of the "little house", as it is typically designed by children of all ages and backgrounds: a sign recognizable by the young users of the school themselves, and formally congruent with the traditional buildings of the destination context. The sloping pitched roof is used, repeating it, to form the roof of the new body of the building, which constitutes its heart and houses the double-height entrance hall, the Agora and the main vertical connecting element of the school : the inclined ramp. The configuration of this body gently breaks the theory of pitched roofs of the existing building, reversing its direction, to create interest and attention on a point, that of the entrance, of which it must become a signal and an aid to orientation on via Iglesias.

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