Worksite supervision and H&S


The experience acquired directly by Interplan in worksite supervision of complex projects is unique and international. In the last few years, our operating range in this field has expanded to several foreign countries such as the United States and Afghanistan, where we have made available expert personnel and sound worksite control methodologies, even in presence of difficult conditions, carrying out the work successfully.


In Italy and abroad, we have taken responsibility of complex worksites by dimension and location. Besides the mere documentation control and the operations supervision, our job consists of predicting problems before they arise and transform themselves into additional delays and costs. This preventive activity takes place by virtually anticipating all sequential work phases through planning and monitoring tools.


Through specific tools and actions we link responsibly all work packages and the parties involved in the construction phase through a continuous and coordinated flow of information. In such a context, the client is put in a decisional position having, if desired, Interplan as the sole point of contact for the project. Besides actual worksite supervision, Interplan provides health & safety coordination and assists in defining the worksite plan.


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