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"Architecture is largely influenced by Climate and Culture. Climate can affect architecture at local level, or at continental scale, as well as Culture. Architecture is the art of creating consistent combinations of constructive measures aimed at unfolding the built form's relationship with Climate and Culture. From the proper definition of the relationship with Climate it comes Sustainability, from that with Culture it comes the Architectural expression."

Alessandro Gubitosi

An architecture based business

Interplan2 Architects is an award winning architectural practice based in Naples, founded in 1993. Our major international projects include offices, residential, retail, defence, aviation logistics. 

Notable recent projects include the NATO JFC Naples Headquarters, the NATO AGS Main Operating Base Sigonella, the  Former Sofer Industrial Site Residential Redevelopment in Pozzuoli, the LEED Gold certified US DoD Building 4 - Del Din Base Vicenza, the Green Living Project in Shanghai, the NCIA Facility at NATO DACCC, and many more. Current projects include the new Sigonella Airport Command building, and the new offices and archaeological storage buildings for the Herculaneum Archaeological Park. 

The practice has won numerous awards for design excellence, and was the subject of several publications and exhibitions, including the 12th and 16th Venice Architecture Biennale editions. 

We are an Architecture based business  aiming at sustainability and innovation in all our projects. Our method is the continuous research on urban and built form to anticipate and drive the evolution of contemporary communities' requirements. Our projects are designed to respond to our clients' requirements in a way that we achieve by studying and understanding their business.


The firm's services include Strategic Planning and Programming, Architectural Design, Coordination of structural and services design, Urban Planning, Interior Design, Project and Construction Management, Health and Safety Coordination.

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Studio standards and methods


Certified Quality System & Continuing Education

We implement a Quality System certified in accordance with norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, and we maintain a post-graduate continuing education program for our architects.


Energy and Environmental Sustainability

The Green Building Council Italia Partner logo reveals our affiliation with one of the most authoritative environmental protocol sources internationally. The LEED Green Associate credential is for professionals who have demonstrated core knowledge and understanding of green building principles and practices and the LEED Green Building Rating System


Building Information Modeling

Since 2016 all Interplan's projects are developed through BIM processes. We use state of the art BIM authoring products and we offer BIM experts certified as per norm UNI UNI 11337-7:2018 by third party ICMQ.

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Sigonella, Italy, 2016-2022 

Full Design mission, Construction Supervision

NATO RC 158.jpg

Naples, Italy, 2002-2012

Full Design mission, Construction Site Services


Rome, Italy, 2019

Competition entry

Vista 3D 11b copia.jpg

Full Design mission

Penthouse apartment


Naples, Italy, 2020

Interior Design

Pozzuoli, Italy, 2014 - 2015

Preliminary and Final Design

Collecchio (PR) Italy, 2008

Full design mission




The project documented in this volume concerns the Interplan-designed Main Operating Base of the NATO AGS program, built in the military airport of Sigonella, in Sicily. The NATO AGS program is aimed at aerial surveillance and reconnaissance in support of the NATO chain of command and control. The architecture of the complex responds with a built form appropriate to the technical specifications of giants of the international aviation industry. The settlement is conceived as an environmentally and economically sustainable system in compliance with the criteria of the most advanced environmental protocols. The architectural expression of the enclosures controlled according to the considerations on the management of solar radiation in the specific Mediterranean location, the advanced water management, and the production of over 160kW of electricity from renewable sources are only some of the numerous measures employed for the new NATO green building.
CLEAN Edizioni, Napoli.
Pages: 120



by Camillo Gubitosi e Alessandro Gubitosi, CLEAN, 2014. This book documents the completion of the new NATO JFC Headquarters settlement in Lago Patria, Naples. Started in 2004, the administrative complex consists of six buildings on an area of 32 hectares. The size of the intervention and the importance of the function for the area make its construction an urban foundation act capable of triggering an epochal transformation of the morphological and socio-economic structure of the destination area. The volume collects the photographs of the completed work taken by the architectural photographer Daniele Domenicali, which simultaneously capture the unfolded morphological variety and the indissoluble continuity that binds all the elements of the building complex. It also documents with images and chronology the design and construction phases of a long team effort successfully completed by men and companies.



Details of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater shot by Camillo Gubitosi in 1964. The house was built partly over a waterfall on Bear Run, a tributary of the Youghiogheny River in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, in the United States.



programma 15 dic 2022.jpg

15|12|2022 - Confindustria, Roma

Alessandro Gubitosi (Interplan2 Architects): Società di eccellenza nell’ambiente costruito 



Presentation by Alessandro Gubitosi


People, Planet, Politics - Architettura, Clima e Cultura in una presentazione di Alessandro Gubitosi al Master Architettura Ambiente di New Italian Blood - NIB, Via Bastioni n. 8, Salerno, 8 Febbraio - h15



15a Mostra Internazionale di Architettura della Biennale di Venezia - Venice Architecture Biennale

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Newly published



Interplan's NATO Headquarters published in Hi-Design new book on corporate work space buildings. 
ISBN: 978-7-5495-5938-1 Pages: 280


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The Möbius dining table design is based on an elaboration of the Möbius strip, a  mathematical object discovered by Listing and Möbius in 1858, "but it had already appeared in Roman mosaics from the third century CE" (Wikipedia).

Design: Alessandro Gubitosi



Alessandro Gubitosi visiting lecturer at CSAAR American University of Sharjah - Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference 2008      

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Interplan welcomes applications for the positions of Architect and Architectural Assistant at any time.

We are looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join our small, busy office in Central Naples. Responsibilities include preparing and developing drawings, models, and other project documentation. Experience in Autocad, Revit, Photoshop, is essential. 

Please email your CV and work samples to

Interplan Seconda Srl
Via Michelangelo Schipa 100
80122 Napoli, Italy

(+39) 081 9764336 - 081 2133480

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